Automation - Integration - Communication

20 years designing, commissioning and supporting complex automation systems in the energy, food and manufacturing industries



Our team has a thorough understanding of the sensors, controllers, computers, software, industrial networking, and overall operating procedures that make automation systems work, and our experience helps increase the efficiency and reduce the payback period of automation systems for our customers. We can work with many platforms but have extensive experience with Siemens and Allen-Bradley.


With 20 years of experience, we have what it takes to troubleshoot complex problems with today's automation systems as well as those built on older automation platforms that can be difficult for others to support.


We have an understanding of current and past software and computer technologies such as virtualization, networking, security, and software development as it relates to automation. From in-depth knowledge of OPC for computer-controller communications to the ability to send data to modern cloud platforms, our experience can help increase the efficiency of your overall automation system where computers are involved.


We have been providing control systems to niche markets in the energy industry such as hydraulic fracturing control systems for over 15 years. Contact us for details on how we may be able to help solve your frac control challenges.

Our History

Spring Valley Solutions was founded in 2001 by Dana Moffit after learning Automation and Control System Design at a large full-service integration firm.

We serve as your automation building partner from concept to completion, solving tough automation control challenges and helping businesses grow.

We have provided services to some of North America’s largest companies thanks to our extensive experience with Siemens PLC, HMI and drive systems as well as those provided by other major manufacturers.


Spring Valley Solutions is looking for keen, talented automation and control system professionals to join our team. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our customers while embracing change and defining industry standards. Our success and impact on our clients are a consequence of our team.

If Spring Valley and its work appeals to you, please send your resume and any supporting documents to